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Healthier Eat-More Theme Protein Cheesecake

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Late Father’s Day post, his fave 👍
If you have never had a Hershey’s Eat-More Bar, (First run out and do that) this is Chocolate toffee and peanut butter hints 👌

152 cals per slice:
16g protein, 10g carbs, 3g fat 🙌
(Yields 8 slices)
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🔹500g FF cream cheese
🔹175g 0% Greek Yogurt
🔹1 scoop Select Chocolate PB Cup protein
🔹2 large eggs
🔹5g stevia
🔹30 ml Chocolate @epicspreads (or PB)
🔹50g Butter Toffee candies (chews)
🔹Leave ingredients out to reach room temperature before beginning.
🔹Preheat oven to 350, grease a 9″ spring-form pan
🔹In a large mixing bowl beat together cream cheese and greek yogurt until smooth
🔹Microwave Toffee and Spread/PB in small bowl, stir, repeat until melted.
🔹Mix in all ingredients to large bowl.
🔹Transfer to spring-form
🔹Bake for 42 minutes, remove and let cool.
🔹Devour, grow 💪😊

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