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Raspberry-Coconut Chocolate Protein fudge

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Calories per cube: 93 (recipe makes 30)
4g protein, 3g carbs (1 fiber), 7.5g fat

Made with @pescience Select milk chocolate protein, grab your own 30% off pescience.com with the code “driven”

🔹1 scoop Select milk chocolate protein
🔹1 cup coconut oil
🔹5 tbsp coconut flour
🔹200g raspberries
🔹4 cups 0% greek yogurt
🔹1 tbsp stevia (or other, to taste)
🔹3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

🔹Blend or process the raspberries and empty into a mixing bowl
🔹microwave your coconut oil to melt and be clear
🔹Add that, and all other ingredients and mix well, whisk or even beat it together until thick and smooth
🔹transfer to a 10×8 (8×8 works) dish lined with wax paper, freeze 4+ hours
🔹let thaw enough to cut, cut into 30+ fudge pieces and either refreeze to enjoy later or enjoy. These will get melty if left out too long.

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